URL Monitoring Tool

URL Monitoring Tool 2.98

Verifies if specific websites are online
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Test to see if specific websites or IP addresses are functioning by pinging them at regular intervals. Notifies you when one of the monitored URLs is no longer online.

Monitor your web server and get alerted if the server is offline. There is no point to discuss that any downtime of your website brings a monetary loss to your online business. Thus it is crucial to make sure that your website is online all the time. You may be working at you computer but at the same time not know that your site is offline. URL Monitoring Tool is a software that checks if your server and website is online. It tests a response from your http or ftp server on port 80 to a given URL and determines if your website or particular URL is accessible for other internet users. This software will notify you if the URLs that you are monitoring are appear to be offline and allow you to take an immediate action to fix the problem.

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